Thursday, November 12, 2009


I had created this account ages ago, but was not motivated enough to vent in my feelings on this public forum. Its not that u need to be motivated to write, for people who loves to write they would scribble on a paper which is not even suitable for recycling, but somehow things did not fall into place.Now u can ask me why today, its nothing like a resolutionor something that i would be sharing my feelings from now on, its just that theres this sudden urge to write, to basically communicate to people whom i do not know and seriously wish to know.It may not be the right way to start a regular practice, but then everythig has a first time, and right and wrong are quite relative and literally depends on the perception of an individual ain'i it??? Today actually I came across a very interesting article about an unknown or better to put it in this way undiscovered(by me) fact called-" EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE", so thought of sharing that quotient of my characteristics to u and what better it ur space is " EXPRESSIONS"


Arnab said...

Welcome to the world of blogging. Hope u do make new friends and write more often!

Sid (Guddu) said...

dhur amar o ekta ache janis....Treking niye...Sandakphu...but oi tor i moto...contunue i kora hoi na

dorothy said...

@ guddu
continue kor re seriously bhalo lagbe, i m goin thru that feeling, and plz do keep posting ur valuable comments!!!