Saturday, November 14, 2009


This is a word which I am sure all of us are familiar with, because change is the spice of life it kinda adds that extra mirchi to your life which makes it yummy, and change compells us to adapt to our surroundings.Adaptation is a very known word or feeling from our very birth but seldom do we realise it that yes a change is happening.We all are susceptible and versatile to change,this is were the quality of adaptability plays a very vital role.Our childhood went through frequent changes when we were forced to leave the sheltered and secured life and plunge into a pool(school) with loads of similar faces some scared others timid while some other the worst mischivious- looking for the slightest scope to leg-pull, I personally have been a victim of such kind but now that same person is one of my closest friends.Later after spending almost 13 long years in that familiar place with known people and similar sets of thoughts that omnipresent word again knocks at our door -" time for reality check!- got to go to college". Oh boy! is this what we are living for ?But this time the feeling is not that alien, and the first day when you go to college you relive the first day of your school life but now with a sack full of new thoughts, thankfully a little matured ones.Later life meanders along its path offering gradual but sure twists and turns! and we poor souls strive to keep pace with its flow


Arnab said...

Hey lady. Nice piece!A fresh out look to view the same old retreat!
Keep the work. But would have liked a bit adjustment on the vocab side( solely my personal opinion. though mirchi could have been replaced with spice, leg-pull with prank). But, its you, your writing no comments!
Keep writing...wats next "Ablution" ;)

dorothy said...

@ Arnab
thanks dear for giving ur valuable comments, it really does inspires me a lot, wud love to confide my views on "ablution", but some time later
thanks a ton!!!