Friday, November 20, 2009


It was about 8:00 in the morning, when our vehicle stopped with a sudden brake, as someone shouted out loud flabagasted and bewildered at the sight of the roaring waters .The ivory white lather that the glaring waves deliberately created on the massive bolders, was itself an astonishing sight, God you have genuinely created wonders and this though not listed is definately one of them.All 12 of us stood there spellbound and mesmerized, later we decided to take a walk, along the facinating sight, and even later enticed by its beauty we all gave in and plunged into the roaring waters as if accepting the challenge!As time went by the waveskind of lost its valor or more satisfyingly gave in(to us).The best part was still concealed.But it was not long before we unleashed the mystery-dusk!!! The blend of orange-red and may be crimson of the setting sun in all its grandeour and glory was breathing, and sometime later- the night sky with twinkling stars and a full silver moon was enough for a romantic date itself.Destiny I believe had more to offer on that very day, he came to my life as a complete stranger, all lost, holding a road map in his hand whch was evidently of not much use.Daniel had lost the way to his hotel,and was moving around aimlessly and fruitlessly, but we as usual came to his rescue;now you must be thinking how on earth did we showed him the way, we had actually traversed that very road for nothing less than 5 times in the afternoon in search of a hotel, so we almost knew the nook and corner of every lane.Daniel, became a very good friend(better to say follower), of ours, because he was not very comfortable with the language which we mastered!!!Daniel was a sweetheart, he explained to us all the art and architecture of the place which was really fascinating,the next two days went by just like that, we exploring and Daniel lecturing, but guys the reminants of the french glamour is very much evident and prety obvious from the builts of the buildings and the mindboggling roads!!!Daniel continued to explore the place even after we left it after a couple of days as he was head over heels in love with that place, but we were not as fortunate as this 56 yr old army personnal who was on a voyage called-"exploring india" and this time he was on a french date at LA CAFE @ PONDICHERRY.

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